Location Information:

These sessions will be taking place in Princeton, NJ on the Princeton University campus. The exact location will be disclosed as the time approaches.

Parking availability varies - there are several spots to park: street parking along Nassau St., Hulfish parking garage, Spring Street garage, Chambers Street garage, parking in Lot 10 (behind Thomas Sweet).

NOTE: Since parking can be a bit tricky, it is advised for clients to ARRIVE 15-20 MINUTES EARLY to guarantee parking.

Princeton University, NJ


Please make sure to arrive to your session ON TIME. I strongly advise arriving to the location about 15-20 minutes BEFORE the start time to make sure you find parking and are already. 

As the session approaches, you will be given my personal phone number to contact me upon arrival for your session. When you arrive at the location, please text me your session time and name that you booked the session under and I will respond as soon as I get a chance. Please be aware that if you do not receive an immediate reply, that I am currently in a session. When you text me that you have arrived, it will notify me on my Apple Watch so I will be aware you are here. Please just wait for a reply for further instructions on where I will meet you.


If you arrive late or arrive after your scheduled session’s time, please note that we will NOT have time to extend or 

You will be prompted to sign a contract upon booking the session and will need to make sure you understand the terms of late arrival. No refunds will be given for tardiness!


When you book your session, you will be prompted to pay a retainer fee payment on the booking website (last step to confirm your time slot). The remaining balance can be paid on the day of the session.


After your session, you can expect to receive an online gallery with your images approx. 5-12 days after your session. Please be patient in regards to receiving your gallery. I do not send out sneak peeks but feel free to check out my social media in the event that I do post them :)

Once your photos are done editing, they will be uploaded to an online gallery and sent on to the client via email with instructions on how to select their images.


Weather can be tricky to work around and it can definitely be unpredictable! I keep an eye on the forecast days before our session and will send updates regarding the weather and if I think it may pose a concern for our session. I send a reminder email the day or night before our session and this is where I will make the final decision if we will need to reschedule due to rain/snow/storms/thunder. I do not reschedule sessions due to temperature - I try to schedule these sessions so the weather won’t be too cold to prevent needing to reschedule for temperature. 

In the event that we DO need to reschedule because of rain/snow/storms/thunder, you will receive additional information in the reminder email and we will try to work around one another schedule to figure out an ideal date/time. Every attempt will be made to reschedule your photo session. The client must communicate with the photographer to try and reschedule their session - they will have up to one week to reschedule for a future date or will risk losing their retainer fee payment.


Take a look at some of the photos from the model call/promotional session for "HOLIDAY MINIS AT PRINCETON UNIVERSITY" to get an idea of the area and what photos you can expect from your session!!


These Holiday mini sessions are very high in demand and there are very limited spots available. Once all spots are booked, they are booked! Make sure to snag a spot as soon as you can if you are interested in a session.