Reasons Why a Mini Session Is Perfect For You

When I say I love mini sessions, I mean I LOVE mini sessions. It’s the reason why I offer way too many mini sessions each season LOL. I love being able to offer different sets or various locations and to work with new and returning families each and every time. Mini sessions are perfect for families looking for a little bit of time for a few photos. Not sure if a mini session is right for you? Let me try convincing you a little bit..

1. Budget

Since mini sessions are often shorter in time, it’s also a big cheaper of a cost since you are not booking a full session. For some, this is a great opportunity to book with one of your favorite photographers even if they may be out of your price range usually, but you will still be getting great shots during a shorter time frame.

2. Less Stressful

Well, this may be true for some! Since it is a shorter session, you often don’t need to worry too much about a long session and not sure if you will fill all of the time you have. During your mini session, we 100% will utilize all of the time we’re booked for and make sure we get as many great shots as we can in such time.

3. Fewer Images

If you’re someone who wants just a few images whether that’s for headshots, holiday cards, etc., mini sessions are ideal for just that. While we still strive to capture variety, a mini session allows you with lower commitment to a full session which may be way more than a mini session.

4. Attention Span

For kiddos who don’t like photos, or heck, even adults who don’t like photos LOL, mini sessions are more ideal since they are a shorter session and will go faster than a full session which may be either 45 or 90 minutes long. It’s a great window of time to get some great photos before kiddos may lose their attention span!

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