So, what are mini sessions?

If you're not familiar, a mini session is often a short session which takes place at a set date/time/location. These are great opportunities to get a few photos for a smaller commitment. I also have a bunch of blogs discussing mini sessions which you can view here:

During your session...

  • We'll have fun such as running, skipping and/or walking shots. I love to interact with kiddos especially and to change things up besides the standard posed prompts.
  • We'll capture authentic personalities of everyone. It's time to show off your true self - whether that's your silly side or your professional side, I got you covered.
  • You'll leave feeling satisfied with a variety of poses and memories captured

Let's take a look....

I invite you to look over some of these shots captured during a 15 minute session. This session was a flower garden mini session in Princeton, NJ and was the perfect backdrop for families, children, maternity, etc. During these sessions I strive to capture a variety of shots. This one session in particular, we captured a ton of variety such as:

Full Family Shots

This one is always a must and I try to make sure we get a variety of family shots. Whether we're standing, sitting, running, hugging, you name it, you will definitely have a few family photos to choose from in your final gallery.

Individuals of Kids

This session was a family of three, so we only had one child to photograph. With multiple siblings, I strive to capture photos of each kid and to guide them in fun prompts and poses to authentically capture who your child is.

Shots of Partners

Whether you are husband and wife, wife and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend, or whatever title you have for one another, I love to capture a photo of partners with one another.


These are always such crucial shots to capture, sibling shots! Photographing all of the kiddos together can be a fun experience of capturing their bonds with one another, their silly selves, or we can do some more posed shots.

Explore more of this session's gallery:

Are you considering a mini session?

I would love to chat and make sure a mini session is perfect for you. These fast paced, shorter sessions are not always for everyone, and that's okay! I provide individual sessions which allow for more flexibility and time. Consider reaching out to me today,