Spring is (almost) here, and so are mini-sessions!

Embrace the beauty of the season and let's get you booked for an upcoming mini session! This year, I will be offering two different mini session options. One will be at Sayen Gardens in Hamilton, NJ, and the other at a greenhouse in Ewing, NJ. Both mini session options are great to get a glimpse of the beauty the season has to offer in a short amount of time.

Mini sessions are short, fast paced sessions which are more affordable than a full session and take place on set dates/times at certain locations. Mini sessions are often great for a short session for families, maternity, graduation, communion, headshots, couples, pregnancy announcement, etc. You’ll still be able to get a variety of shots in a short time! 

Click the image to view booking

Click the image to view booking

Reasons to Book a Photo Session for Spring 2024

You'll want to make sure you set time aside to book your spring 2024 session to capture the essence of the season's beauty! Looking for reasons to book a session? I got you covered! Now is the perfect time to enjoy the blooming backdrops, vibrant greenery and comfortable weather. Plus, it makes for a great time to show off your springtime wardrobes.

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Springtime Wardrobes to Consider For Your Upcoming Session

With all of the gorgeous blooms and vibrant greenery, it may be tricky to pick out outfits that coordinate and complement the season instead of clashing with it! Here at JENNAKPHOTOS, I want to make sure you are prepared for the best session. And to do so, let's chat about springtime wardrobes.

Take a look at a recent blog post HERE to explore wardrobe options to consider for your upcoming springtime session.

Let's Start Your Journey!

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