Springtime is one of the best times to capturing updated photos!

With all of gorgeous blooms and vibrant greenery, it may be tricky to pick out outfits that coordinate and complement the season, instead of clash with! Today, we’ll be talking about the best spring color palettes and pieces to consider in your wardrobe for your upcoming session! 

Springtime color palette

Consider taking inspiration from the colors to the side. By looking at the colors, it can be a great way to pull pieces from your existing wardrobe that are similar to compile your outfits for your session! Play around with different shades and tones and what you feel is most flattering on yourself, and what coordinates with other's outfits.

Light, neutral colors

Light and neutral colors complement the seasonal colors and give a timeless and classic feel to photos! Wearing lighter and neutral tones are generally flattering across many skin tones and create an emphasis on natural beauty and softness. 

Pastel colors

Pastel colors are the season’s colors! Play around with different pastel colors such as pale pinks, mint green, baby blue, soft yellows, spring green, lavender and more. They’re all great choices!

Textures, patterns, and fabrics

Consider different textures and patterns to enhance your outfit(s) for your session! Subtle patterns and prints such as florals, stripes, dots, and plaid photograph great for the season. Play around with different fabrics such as light sweaters and cardigans to add more texture into your wardrobe. Additionally, it’s a great idea to wear more flow and breathable fabrics which help add movement to your apparel.

Children clothing inspiration

When it comes to dressing the kiddos, there's a large variety of cute and trendy seasonal pieces! Whether you're looking for pieces like shirts, overalls, dresses, pants, or something else, you're bound to find some adorable pieces to dress the little ones in!

Adult clothing inspiration

Planning outfits for adults may be a bit trickier, but consider shopping around for basic staple pieces such as plain shirts and khakis for men, or even shopping around for some patterned apparel for women. You'll have some great luck finding options especially when the season comes around!

Are you ready to book your springtime session?

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