Location Overview

Located in Lawrence, NJ, Mercer Meadows offers an expansive backdrop to capture stunning photos. 

While this location can accommodate most types of sessions, my favorite to capture here are family, kids and maternity sessions. 

There is just something about an open field when that natural sunlight hits that makes for photos that much more mesmerizing! There are also benches and fencing within the grassy areas that add to the beauty of this location. And bonus - if you’re looking for a rustic look or pop of color, there is a red barn I loooove to use as a backdrop. 

This location is best in the fall, when we are surrounded by the beautiful fall foliage OR summer, when the wildflowers are in full bloom.

In terms of timing, I always recommend we meet here later in the day, as the open fields do not provide any shade. The ideal time to schedule is the golden hour (don’t worry - I’ll help calculate when exactly that is based on the time of year!). 

Parking & Accessibility

We’ll meet at the Reed/Bryan Farm entrance parking lot. A portable bathroom is available here, but bathrooms are not available along the trails (once we leave the parking lot).

Reed/Bryan Farm, Pennington, NJ 08534

Bonus Fact

In 2010, Rosedale Park, the Mercer County Equestrian Center, Mercer County Park Northwest (the “Pole Farm”), and Curlis Woods were unified and merged into what is known today as Mercer Meadows. The new park is now divided into five districts – Farm History, Rosedale Park, Ecological, Equestrian, and the Pole Farm – each with unique historical and natural aspects and diverse recreational opportunities. (Source: MercerCounty.org)

Check out some of my fav spots

Peep some of my favorite locations at Mercer Meadows from my previous photo sessions.

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