let's celebrate!

Senior portraits are just one of the ways to celebrate your upcoming or current senior for their success in school and to remember their year. Senior photos have changed through the years. Although some seniors still get a complimentary photo of them in a cap and gown with an indoor setup, the new up and coming thing is to schedule a senior session with your local photographer. Senior sessions are perfect to capture the individuality of your senior. 

Reasons why you should schedule a senior portrait session with JENNAKPHOTOS:

  • It’s the year your senior becomes a legal adult. Capture those memories before they turn of legal age, or after they hit their big milestone!
  • It’s a great way to commemorate the senior year and all they have accomplished through their school career. Whether your senior played a sport or was in an activity throughout highschool, senior photos are perfect to capture their interests and their accomplishments! Some of my favorite things to do during senior sessions are to include things from your year - whether you want to include something from your favorite sport such as a soccer ball or a script from their favorite play, it’s fun to add and play with props!
  • Senior photos can act as a reward to applaud your hardworking senior for their accomplishments throughout the school year
  • It's great to have updated photos! Whether you just plan on posting your senior photos on social media or sending them to family, they’re a great thing to display and hang up around the house to always look at! Check out information on printing your senior photos here: https://www.jennakphotos.com/blog/how-to-use-the-shop-feature-in-your-online-photo-gallery/
  • Make great gifts for family and friends. Who wouldn’t want a photo of their favorite senior?
  • Perfect for graduation announcements. If you’re planning to have a graduation party, you may be sending out invitations through the mail and may need some nice shots to show off your senior!
  • Senior photos are a fun experience. Whether you decide to schedule a mini session or a regular session, each senior session is so much fun and runs as smoothly as possible. I prompt you through posing and help figure out how to capture your best self to make your photos look amazing. 


Please reach out to me via email at jennakardaszphotos@gmail.com to learn more about my packages and any additional information you may need!