Graduation season is a time for celebration and capturing memories that will last a lifetime. As a photographer, incorporating props into your graduation photoshoot can add a fun and personal touch to the photos. Here are some ideas for graduation props that can make your photos stand out:

Caps and gowns and graduation outfits: Of course, the traditional graduation attire is a must-have prop for any graduation photoshoot. I encourage my clients to bring their cap and gown that they will be wearing for graduation, and to wear their graduation outfit. When it comes to graduation outfits (not the typical cap and gown, but a nicer outfit that will go under), I often see clients wear either whites or blacks, and even an outfit that has the school color(s)

Books and graduation cap: Use books and a graduation cap to create a classic graduation photo that showcases all of your academic achievements that you have had!

Diploma and graduation certificate: Including a graduate's diploma or certificate in a photo can add a touch of authenticity and accomplishment to the shoot.

Balloons, confetti and champagne: Add a fun and celebratory element to the photos by including balloons and confetti in the shots. (which are my personal favorite). For my college graduates, I recommend adding champagne for a fun champagne shot. Bonus; it's even more fun with friends!

Customized sign or chalkboard: I love when clients create a personalized sign or chalkboard that showcases your name, graduation year, and future plans. It reminds me of the trend that many do for their first day of school (mostly in younger years)!

School pennant or banner: I always make sure to ask my clients to bring a pennant or banner with the name of their school or university to showcase their pride and loyalty - it's a great way to show off your future endeavors of joining a college, or to show the legacy you are now leaving!

Flowers and garlands: Flowers and garlands can add a touch of whimsy and elegance to the photos. I know often times after an actual graduation, a parting gift from families is often flower bouquets!

By incorporating these props into your graduation photoshoots, you can create photos that are both fun and meaningful for your clients. Be creative and encourage your clients to bring their own unique ideas and props to the shoot to make it truly personal and memorable.

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