When it comes to First Communion photoshoots, incorporating props can add a personal and meaningful touch to the photos. Here are some prop ideas to consider for your next First Communion photoshoot:

Rosary beads: Rosary beads are a common First Communion gift and can make a beautiful prop for photos. I always encouage the child to hold the rosary or drape it around their neck for a classic and reverent look.

Communion bear: Often times, children are gifted a "my first communion" bear from family, and it may be perfect to include in to your child's portraits during their session.

Bible or prayer book: A small Bible or prayer book can add a personal and spiritual element to the photos.

Flowers: Flowers, such as roses or lilies, can add a delicate and innocent touch to the photos! Bonus, they may even add in a nice pop of color to show off the Spring florals!

Personalized sign: A personalized sign or banner with your child's name, Communion date, or a favorite Bible verse can add a personal and celebratory touch to the photos.

Veil or tiara: A white veil or tiara can add a touch of elegance and tradition to the photos. Some families love to include this special touch in their child's outfits, and it lets your child feel like they are the star of the show!

By incorporating these props into your First Communion photoshoots, you can create photos that are both personal and meaningful for the child and their family. Be creative and encourage the child to bring their own ideas and props to the shoot to make it truly special and memorable.

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