What to do once your session is over, and now it's time to choose the photos you're interested in!

During my sessions, I make sure to capture a TON of photos. I consider myself an over shooter - I take so many images and make sure to capture a variety of poses, backdrops, grouping, etc.! When you receive your gallery, it might be a bit overwhelming at first sight to see so many photos! I make sure to send over the best photos from the session. Even though it sounds like I am taking HUNDREDS of photos, I cull through the photos to make sure I edit the BEST photos from the session. The photos you receive in your client gallery have been hand sorted out, edited, retouched and delivered to you because they are the best of the best from your session!

Now, let's talk about how to narrow down all of your favorites!

How to use the favoriting feature in your online gallery:

You will see a heart icon on the images in your client gallery; you can click on the heart icon to add the image to a Favorite list. These Favorite lists are saved using the email address you enter when you first click the heart icon. You are allowed to come back at any time and access your favorites by entering in the same email address. 

You will see a heart in the corner of the gallery - this is how you will access your favorites!

How to decide which photos you should favorite:

Think: Will you be hanging up these photos? What photos may look best on your wall?

If you plan on hanging photos up on your wall, it is important to think about what photos will look the best on your walls! During your session, we'll capture a wide variety of photos and change up location, posing, groupings. The colors may look a bit different as location changes for photos, so consider which colors in the photos may look best on the walls of your house or in that wooden frame you don't have anything to put in!

Thinking of printing your photos? Check out this blog article for more info on how to take advantage of the print shop in your client gallery:


Think: Gifting a photo to a friend/family member? Which one do you think they will enjoy most?

If you're gifting a photo to a loved one, think about which photo they would LOVE to have! Do you think they'd appreciate a posed photo, or a fun goofy photo?

Choose the photos that best describe you and your family!

This one may seem like an obvious, but you want to make sure you choose photos that represent YOU and your family! If you're a silly family and we happened to capture a silly photo, consider choosing a silly photo to sum up your family!

Choose the photos that you will be able to look back on and see how much your children have grown!

As children grow up, you want to make sure you get photos of them through each stage/year of their life! When looking at your gallery, it can be important to some to have a nice photo of their child to remember that year of their life!