The hardest part of your session is choosing what to wear! It can be tricky to know what the current trends are or to know what to avoid when choosing your outfits for your session. However, I'd love to share a few tips about what I DON'T recommend for your session to help steer you in the right direction. Outfits can define a person's personality and ideally, you want to dress comfortably, but also, show off your fun personality!

Fluorescent/Neon clothing

These colors have to GO. While those bright neon colors may seem like so much fun or maybe your favorite pieces of clothing, I strongly urge clients to steer clear of fluorescent and neon-colored clothing. The main reason why I am so against neon colors is that the colors WILL cast a shade on you/people in your party. You don't want a pink hue on your face the whole session!

Graphic tees/Large logos

While you may be so excited to show off your brand new sportswear with a big flashy logo, think timeless. Typically, clients opt for a timeless look and something that won't go out of style. Also, we don't want to do a brand endorsement! You want to be the main focus of your session, not the large logo on your clothing!!

Uncomfortable clothing

Ok - this may sound completely obvious, but I ALWAYS see clients wearing clothing that is uncomfortable for them. Whether their clothing is itchy, ill-fitting, or even just makes them FEEL uncomfortable because they aren't confident in it, we NEED to steer clear of uncomfy clothes and opt for clothing that makes us FEEL GOOD!

When it comes to dressing children, this point is HUGE! If children are not comfortable in their clothing, they will not FEEL their best!

Matching outfits (sometimes)

I know many may not agree with this, but hear me out: If you are having a family session and EVERYONE wears the same thing (white shirt and jeans), you will all look like a blob and we won't be able to see the individuality of everyone.

Personally, I think matching outfits are cute when siblings match, or even when mom/daughter where to same pattern/dress. Matching outfits can be very cute, but it is oftentimes overdone.

Looking for more outfit tips?

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