When it comes to planning outfits for a session, I won't be the first to admit it can be tricky, especially when coordinating plans for several people with an extended family session! However, I hope to help relieve the stress of planning your session, and to give some considerations for outfits which may be important to consider! Take a look at some of my favorite color schemes I have seen some of my extended families wear for their portrait session, and hopefully, get some inspiration as well!


This may be one of my favorites, and usually is pretty easy with outfits. I know for my family, we have a few different blue pieces which would be perfect for this color scheme! I have probably seen a blue color scheme the most out of any other color palette as well, and that just goes to show how great it can be!

Greens + Neutrals

I personally, LOVE, green! One of my favorite colors, and also goes great with most of the locations I photograph at which contain greenery! This family did a great job coordinating their outfits with some green tones, but also some familiar shades of colors like beige, tan, grays, etc. Even if a few people have green on, the others can still wear similar tones and it will look absolutely great!


The neutral outfits are always a classic! And, they may be easy to achieve if you have a closet full of basic pieces such as simple pants, skirts, sweaters, and more. This color combination is a great one to consider for your upcoming extended family session, and looks perfect year-round.

Blues + Yellows

I photographed this family session a few years ago and I remember LOVING their outfits, and I still very much do! The color scheme of blue like I mentioned before is a very common outfit combination, but I love how this family played around with some grays, whites and included another bright pop of color by adding in some yellow pieces! Even if you pay attention to the details, you'll see that mom has yellow earrings and one of the members has a yellow undershirt - they seriously did so good with their outfits!


White may be another easy color scheme to consider for your upcoming session, as many people have a white outfit piece in their closet that may be a great staple to wear. This family decided to wear white tops, and to add in blue accents such as their pants, earrings, or little details on their dress/shirt which really ties it all in together!

Blues + Pink

This is such a fun one! I love the look of the blues and the pinks, especially at this beach which is full of even more blue! It overall looks so great with one another, and I love the varying shades of blue. They don't NEED to be the same, and instead, I think it looks a bit better when they are similar, since not everyone is "matchy-matchy"!

Which color scheme is your favorite?

I personally love all of the above, but I may be prone to liking the neutrals the most, just based on the simplicity of it! I love how simple, but elegant the neutrals look with one another. And, most people may already have some of those staple basics in their closet, which is great to avoid the running around to find a new piece of clothing!

If you're looking to schedule an extended family session of your own, let's do it! Feel free to explore more blogs about extended family sessions below, or head over to the Blog tab for even more.