One of the many services I offer is extended family photography. While it is just family photos, they can sometimes be a bit more complicated. If you’re looking to book a session for an extended family session, I encourage you to read this post for some tips to make sure your session runs smoothly for everyone and that we’ll be able to capture all of the good shots you think everyone will want. 

The planning process:

  1. Reach out to JENNAKPHOTOS. I’ll send over all the information you may need which will include information for pricing, the packages I offer and what is included, and recommendations for location. 
  2. Plan a date works for everyone. This part can definitely be tricky, but it’s the most important one! You’ll definitely want to make sure everyone is available before booking the session so you don’t run into any scheduling conflicts. The best way to do so is to gather a few dates from other family members that WILL work from them, whether it’s a weekend or a weekday date, and compare the dates with one another to see which is most ideal. Get back to me once you have a few options and we’ll be able to see what we can get scheduled.
  3. Choose a location. When you initially reach out, I’ll send you a list of locations I typically work at and give you my recommendations for which may be best. Most of the locations are in Mercer County, but if there is a certain spot or different location you’d like to explore, reach out and I can do some research for locations near you that may be good for photos. Depending on the location, there may be an additional fee for travel necessary. 
  4. Book the session. This is another important one! You’ll need to make sure you properly book the session through an online booking link which I will send over via email to you. When you book through the link, you’ll be prompted to complete the necessary steps to secure your spot such as signing a contract, answering a questionnaire, and paying a retainer fee prior. This is super important to make sure this will be scheduled and get on my calendar, otherwise, I will not be able to commit to the date. 
  5. Plan outfits. Pick a color palette that may work for EVERYONE - these can consist of one to a few colors that look good together. Allow for everyone to find outfits in their closet or purchase new pieces that will work out with this color theme. 
  6. Wait for our session. A day before our session I will send over a reminder email via email. You’ll want to make sure you receive this email because it will include important information such as timing, where to park, remaining balance, etc.
  7. Day of session. Make sure everyone is on board with the same information! The day of session we’ll meet one another, take our photos and make some memories with one another!
  8. After our session. Depending on how long my current turn around time is, you’ll need to wait around 7-14 days to receive your online gallery with the photos. In the meantime, make sure you complete the remaining balance whether you decide to pay with cash, check, invoice, Venmo, etc. Once the photos are sent over via email, all of the instructions to select your favorites will be on the email. 
  9. Select your favorites, and enjoy your photos! Depending on what package you book with, you’ll get a certain amount of images included in your session. When the gallery is sent, all info to select your favorites will be on that email. However, if you end up liking a lot of photos, you may want to consider purchasing the entire gallery which will a is the process of narrowing the photos down easier, since you won’t need to sit down and sift through the photos that everyone likes. 

My favorite locations for extended family:

Check out this separate blog post I wrote which goes into detail of the best spots for your upcoming extended family session here:

Photos to expect:

During these sessions, I often photograph the same shots on my mental checklist to make sure we cover all bases. Below are the shots you can expect to receive from your session, but if there are any specific photos, please make sure to let me know prior. I plan to capture the below shots in posed and candid shots:

  • Large group shot (EVERY single person)
  • Immediate family (smaller groups, typically consisting of just the parents and THEIR kids)
  • Grandparents with grandkids (if applicable)
  • Each couple by themselves (if applicable)
  • All of the kids together (whether this is siblings, cousins, etc).
  • Individual photos of each kid 

Planning for outfits:

This part can definitely be tricky, but I’m here to help and try to make the process a bit more simple! Check out this separate blog post I wrote which goes over some great outfit combinations for your upcoming extended family session here:

Ready to get booked?

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