When looking for a photographer, you want to make sure you will LOVE your photos. When considering to hire a photographer, there are a few points you may want to look at to make sure you know what to expect from your photographer. Read below to know how to figure out what photographer is the best fit for your photography needs.

What EDITS are you drawn to?

Each photographer you will meet has their own craft and editing style, and it all depends on which editing YOU like! There are many styles of editing - warm, dark & moody, light & airy, true to color, etc. You want to make sure you LOVE the style of the photographer you are considering hiring so you can LOVE your photos! If you are not a fan of light & airy (bright photos), it may not be the best decision to hire a photographer who is known to edit that way.

I consider my style to be true to color but also warm - I like to make sure my editing reflects how things look in the moment, but BETTER and a bit more vibrant!

Are you a fan of posed or candid photos?

Just like editing, each photographer has a preference on how they take their portraits. You may see that a lot of photographers like to do poses, while some like candid shots. Posed photos are well, posed! Candid photos are more of a lifestyle approach and are usually more in-the-moment photos that capture the connection/bond between you and your family/spouse/etc..

During my sessions, I like to make sure to capture a variety of posing and candid photos. We'll of course get posing photos done with the whole family, individuals, mom & dad, etc., but we will also get those candid photos in! My favorite shots to incorporate into candid sessio

Budget: How much are your comfortable spending?

Photography is not cheap - you are paying for an artist's time, education, knowledge, and craft. While photography can be expensive, it isn't a bad thing to have a budget. You can find great photographers within your budget, but as price increases, oftentimes, you may be receiving more products. When booking a photographer, you want to look into pricing and the quality of photos you are receiving. Photographers not only take the time to take the photos, communicate details of your session with you, and edit the photos, but they may also have years of experience behind them, thousands invested in their gear and photography education, which is the reasoning behind pricing. Many photographers are full time, which may be the reasoning behind their higher pricing - you are paying for them to complete a job, and this job happens to be their main income for their family.

Read reviews/testimonials

When choosing a photographer, you want to make sure others have had a good experience with them and have loved their photos. Just like purchasing a product on Amazon, you will check the reviews to make sure you will love the product and it will be worth the investment. That is no different when looking for a photographer!

Photographers usually have testimonials posted on their website or a Facebook page under the “Reviews” tab - take some time to look over the reviews to form an opinion about the photographer you may hire.

Most of my clients come from word of mouth and reviews - every review that has been written under my business pages has been greatly appreciated. You can check out my reviews here: https://g.page/jennakphotos?share

"My son's school was offering photo sessions with Jenna and I am SO happy I decided to sign up. WOW! Jenna did an amazing job at capturing photos of my family. She is great with kids and the pictures came out perfect. Highly recommend her to all!"
- Rebecca Symon

"Jenna was great to work with! My son has autism, so getting pictures is not the easiest. She made it comfortable and easy for him. We will definitely work with her again and I highly recommend her!"
- Alison Holder

"Jenna was a complete pro! I was stunned with how in charge she was - directing every step of the shoot. She did not waste one moment and got a great variety of shots! Her edits were gorgeous and made it hard to choose which ones were our favorites! I've sung her praises to everyone who has seen the pics and would highly recommend her for any photo sessions you might need!"
- Kari Mauerman


A question you should be asking yourself is "when would I like to get these photos by?" if you have a deadline. Every photographer has their own workflow and will let you know when you can expect your photos - usually, this is mentioned in their contract. Making sure you know when to expect your photos can be a big point to consider when booking your photographer.

When you book a session with JENNAKPHOTOS, I make sure I have a quick turnaround which is approx. 3-7 days. When booking your session, you want to make sure you schedule a date/time that is convenient for you, but also, if you have a deadline you need the photos by, you want to make sure you schedule the session before your deadline.

In conclusion...

When you’re looking for a photographer, you want to make sure you do a little bit of research to make sure you find the right one for you. Taking the time to research your photographer will help you so much in the long run and will avoid any troubles since you know what to expect and what photos you will receive in the end!

If you would like to know more information on my services, please feel free to reach out. I would love to send over a welcome guide to any client to give them some more insight on my services, portfolio, packages, etc.