To some, the idea of what to wear for pictures stresses them out!

I hope this guide helps assist you if you are one of those people! I encourage you and your family to wear whatever makes you guys feel comfortable, and wear what resembles your family most so everyone's personality can shine through in your photos! I have created this guide for you to view, incase you are stuck, hopefully it will give you ideas! I will be sharing tips for your outfits, and colors that look good with one another!

Consider these tips when choosing outfit ideas:

  • Plan your outfits in advance - Allowing yourself to think about your outfits in advance might make you less stressed, and allow for more time to plan outfits for the kids!
  • Consider your location - Will you be taking photos at your house? Will they be at a park? Take note of what your surroundings will be at whatever location you are taking your photos at. If you're planning for your photos at your house, try coordinating your outfits with elements of your house - similar color to the door, flowers, trees, etc. If you're taking pictures at a park, feel free to do a quick Google search of the area to see what there is to offer - trees, bridges, gazebos, flowers, etc. By considering your location, you can pick out items of clothing that will compliment the background of your photos, not compete with it!
  • Consider your home decor/social media feed - Planning to hang your new photos up in your house? Try considering what to wear based on what will blend in with the colors of your home! If you plan on posting on social media, maybe you have a feed/aesthetic! If that's the case, wear what would reflect you/your brand/feed!
  • Choose practical clothing items - This is important not only for parents, but for children! If you're dressing your children in uncomfortable clothing, they might be uncomfortable, and your photos may reflect that!
  • Limit distracting patterns/large logos - Clothing with distracting patterns or large logos might be distracting in your photos. Of course, wear whatever you like, these are just suggestions! When people look at your photos, they might be distracted by patterns or large logos!
  • Wear clothing that makes your family's personality shine - Maybe wear your favorite pieces of clothing, your favorite colors, something with meaning, etc.!

Color pallet for matching outfits

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Just like I said in the start, you can honestly wear whatever for your session. However, if you needed a little boost/help on what to wear, I hope this guide helped you! For more inspiration, feel free to do a quick Google search or a search on Pinterest for ideas!