let's talk outfits.

One of the hardest things when planning to get your photos taken is what to wear - what colors look good together? Should I coordinate or match my outfit with my family?

While planning outfits may be hard, it always helps to look at a color palette to get an idea of which colors look great for the season. For this blog post, I'm here to remind you of some important things to consider when choosing your outfit(s), and I'll also give you a few of my favorite clothing pieces and suggestions so you can be the best dressed for your session!

important things to remember when choosing your outfit(S)

  • Make sure your clothing is COMFORTABLE! This is a big one - especially if you have children. For adults, sometimes clothing can literally be uncomfortable, such as being itchy or too tight, but uncomfortable clothing can also be a piece of clothing you aren't confident in or something that might highlight some areas of your body that you may not want attention to be drawn to. For children, uncomfortable clothing may make them miserable and constantly itching themselves or trying to rip their clothes off!
  • Matching clothes with family CAN be cute, but it can also be a bit tacky. While it is so cute and adorable to have matching clothes for twins or siblings, when it comes to the whole family, everyone looks too similar in the photo! You want to make sure you can capture the individuality of everyone in your family/session, and by doing so, try to avoid matching clothing with everyone in your session! If you are interested in similar outfits, that's when I suggest coordinating your outfits together!
  • Coordinating outfits - a MUST! Like previously mentioned, matching clothes between family can either be cute or tacky, but you can never go wrong with an outfit when you coordinate it with others in your session. The best way to coordinate your outfit with your family is to think of a color palette - what color clothes do most of us have? What color may be most flattering for everyone? You can even think about the aftermath of the photos - will you be displaying the photos in your home? Posting on social media? Those two questions may play a big role in your outfits if you plan on showing off your new photos in your home to match your current home decor, or your social media feed (if you have a consistent theme)!
  • Dress for the weather! This may seem like an obvious point to make, but I have seen so many families show up with gorgeous outfits, but it doesn't really fit the season! Whether you're wearing short sleeves in the Winter or long sleeves and sweaters in the Summer, it's always great to be aware of the weather and climate. If you are interested in changing up your wardrobe and opting for a clothing piece that isn't so "weather appropriate", I suggest bringing back up options.
  • Play around with patterns to spice up your outfit. Some of the hottest patterns of the season are floral, stripes, plaid, patchwork, etc.
  • Layering looks great in photos! No matter what season it is, layers always look great! Consider wearing light layers such as light cardigans, blazers, collars shirts under clothing, tights, etc.


FOR OUTFIT PIECES and accessories

- Dress shoes
- Khaki pants
- Jeans
- Suspenders
- Collared shirt (great with layering!)
- Colored flannel
- Boat shoes
- Sunglasses

girl suggestions

FOR OUTFIT PIECES and accessories

- Dresses
- Cardigans
- Tights
- Booties
- Headbands
- Flowy skirts
- Overall dress
- Sandals
- Hats

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