Celebrate Your Achievements

Senior year marks a milestone of accomplishment, growth and the beginning of a new chapter. What better time than to reflect on the journey that led you here?!

Here are my top reasons to book a senior session with JENNAKPHOTOS:

Capture the essence of this exciting time

A senior session is your chance to shine and celebrate how far you’ve come. It’s not just about posing for pictures; it’s about capturing your spirit, your passion, and all that makes you YOU. Together, we’ll freeze this moment in time with photos, allowing you to look back and relive the joy and excitement of your senior year.

Share the joy with a friend (or two)

What better way to celebrate the friends you’ve made along your journey than to include them in your session? Whether you’re capturing candid laughs, striking poses together, or simply enjoying each other’s company, these moments will become cherished memories, and perhaps even become your glory days :)

Showcase your style

Feel free to experiment with different outfits that reflect your personal style and aspirations. Keep it casual, show off your formal side, or wear your cap and gown to showcase your achievement. The choice is yours and JENNAKPHOTOS will ensure your photos reflect who you truly are.

Choose your location

Consider scheduling the session at your high school, college or future college. Depending on the time of year, you may also want to consider a location with beautiful fall foliage or spring florals. You can check out some of my Location Spotlights here. Wherever you choose, think about variety of backdrops and locations so that you can get the most out of your session.

Fun with props

Incorporating props can add even more personality to your session. Incorporate a childhood photo or two to tell your story, include items that represent your high school years or showcase some college swag. A letter board is another way to share an inspirational quote, future plans or simply express yourself in a fun way. 

Don't let the moment pass you by

Whether you’re heading off to college or setting off to conquer new horizons, your senior session is a celebration of you. You deserve to honor the dreams and hard work that brought you here. 

If you’re a graduating senior or know someone who is, contact me today to schedule your senior session. Your future self will thank you!