Location Overview:

Rider University is a 280-acre campus in suburban Lawrence, NJ, conveniently located on Route 206. 

Regardless of your student status, this is a great spot for locals because the expansive campus offers a variety of pathways, greenery and brick buildings, as well as a gazebo and lake. 

Weekends are an ideal time to schedule photos here because most college students are sleeping (JK - but honestly, the campus is much less active on weekends). 

With these options, Rider University is a great choice for either a short or longer photo session. My favorite sessions to shoot here are family, kids and graduation sessions. 

Speaking of Graduation...

If you’re a soon-to-be Rider grad, check out the links below for a peek into some previous Rider senior sessions:

Parking & Accessibility

Parking is available on campus. Wheelchair accessible parking is available, however it is not close to the majority of my favorite photo locations.

Rider University, 2083 Lawrenceville Road, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648

Bonus Fact

Rider was originally built in 1865 as a business college intended to help Civil War veterans learn the skills they needed to participate in the booming post-war economy. (Source: Rider University)

Take a look at some recent photos from a family session at this location here:

Are you ready to RIDE?

See what I did there? ;) If you’re ready to schedule your next photo session at Rider University, contact me today and let’s RIDE!