Let's Celebrate!

Pets are family too, which is why I decided to celebrate my pup’s first birthday! Meet Harley, one of the sweetest dogs you may ever meet. Harley is full of cuddles, kisses and big yawns! She loves playing with her doggy siblings and enjoys getting a hold of toilet paper and face masks (she’s a literal pandemic puppy)!

When a child turns one, it is tradition to book a cake smash session for your one year old. Since I don’t have a child, I thought it would be fun to photograph Harley for her first birthday!

Don’t be surprised, the “cake” photographed is actually two bagels stacked together with lots of icing slapped on top. My original plan was to make a boxed cake, but of course, somehow it did not come out right and went straight into the garbage. I took some time to think of a substitute and came up with bagels, which looks great (you hopefully can’t even tell that the “cake” is two bagels on top of each other).

Check out a few of my favorites from Harley’s puppy cake smash - she surprisingly was not a fan of the bagel cake I spent time on making haha!