My Photography Gear - What I use and My Favorites

Being a photographer for a few years now, I’ve collected quite a lot of gear through the past few years. From different camera bodies, to lenses to different gadgets, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite gear and products that have helped me in business! For those looking to start a business or need some guidance, I know it may be helpful to look at what others use! Or if you’re just plain curious, take a look at some of my favorites below :)

Canon RF 50mm 1.2 Lens

This is my most recent purchase and was quite an expensive one that came out to $2,300 with tax and on top of a discount. I previously had an EF 50mm 1.8 in my collection from when I first bought my camera 4+ years ago and while it is a great starter lens, I hardly used it within the past few years as it wasn’t giving the best results compared to some of my stronger lenses. It’s still a great option and the only times I would reach for it would be in-home sessions when I didn’t have too much space for photos and could easily pop my 50mm lens on. 

Canon EF 85mm 1.8 Lens

Despite getting my new 50mm 1.2 lens, this one is still a favorite for me. I remember purchasing this 1-2 years ago and it was about $450 if I remember correctly. This lens stayed on my camera for just about every session I photographed and I still have it in my camera bag because it’s a great lens. It’s just a bit easier to use my 50mm because I get better blur and can be a bit closer and don’t have to yell to my families from a distance LOL. This lens was great for allowing me to capture families, kids, couples, you name it. The only downside was standing so far away. 

Canon R6 Body

This is the current body I use for my camera and I love it. I almost passed out when I swiped my card to pay for it. I believe it was about $2,800-3,000 and was a large purchase for me as a 19 year old LOL. However, I knew it was the way to go to upgrade my business and to give my families even better photos with their experience. I previously used a Canon 80D and prior, a Canon T5 for my first official year in business (2020). Both were great at the time, but these advancements have allowed me to become so much better in my craft. I seriously love my Canon R6 and how easy it is to navigate everything and let me say, I love the autofocus feature and how smooth it works out!

Camera Shutter Buddy

This is my cheapest and honestly may be the best purchase LOL. I love my little camera doggy who sits right on my lens and is great for getting kids to warm up and smile. Even adults, I tell them smile at the doggy because it can be tricky knowing where exactly to look! This little Dalmatian also looks just like Marshall from Paw Patrol, which a lot of kids happen to know! 

MacBook Pro (2020 13 inch display, 512 GB Storage)

On a whim my first day of senior year (when everyone went back to school for pandemic), I was at home and tired of the school issued Chromebook and went to buy myself a MacBook during my lunch break from Zoom. I didn’t even contemplate which model or brand to buy because I knew the Mac would be best bet and in the past, all of my other branded laptops like HP or Dell mysteriously broke within a year. This laptop is great and with such great storage, it allows me to store way too many photos!

Apple SD Card Reader

Being a Mac user, you may know that Apple loves to make it difficult and doesn’t allow a normal USB to fit into the laptop. I use the Apple SD Card reader which makes uploading photos a must. I have used other brands before but personally, somehow they have broken easily and stopped reading my SD card. My Apple one has lasted 3+ years now and going strong!

Brevite Camera Backpack

I use to always see photographers talking about this brand through Facebook photography groups and thought I would never spend $130+ on a backpack to hold my camera. As a birthday gift this year, I had suggested this bag and one of my amazing grandmas gifted it to me and I am in LOVE. I got the bag in a tan color because I love neutral colors. This bag is very spacious and I love the compartments that allow me to put all of my lenses, my flash, and more inside. I was a bit worried that since I often put my bag on the ground in grass or dirt, or even use it as a cushion to lay on when taking pics, that it would be extremely dirty instantly. To my surprise, it really hasn’t picked up dirt at all!

Lightroom Subscription

If you’re a photographer or starting out, you need to try Lightroom! It is a photographer's dream for making everything SIMPLE. I use Lightroom to cull photos, do simple retouchings, as well as do all my editing on there for photos. I pay a monthly subscription for it and have added on storage because my account (especially in holiday time) fills up quick with files!

Usesession Subscription

I use Usesession to book and set up all of my sessions. Through there, I am able to have clients book, sign a contract, answer a questionnaire and pay through there. I also have access to allowing clients to use coupons, gift certificates and more. On my end, I’m able to see a list of all of my clients for reference, kind of like a phone book). 

Pixieset Subscription

I use Pixieset to deliver my client galleries, to create and manage my website, to set up a print shop for clients, as well as sending invoices or occasional contracts through. I have purchased a subscription to do all of those amazing features and I love that majority of my managing is within that website. 

Do you use any of these programs or any of the gear I use? If not, what do you use? I would love to know and help one another out!