I recently had the honor to meet Matt and Crystel, this winter season to capture some engagement photos for this lovely couple. A few weeks ago, Matt reached out to me to schedule a session to commemorate the engagement with one another. We decided to get something planned, and chose to have the photos taken at Princeton University, which is one of my favorite spots with a ton of variety for photos. Turns out that these two actually had their first two dates here! So it definitely made the location even more memorable and even more perfect for their photos! We got to planning and secured a date and time. The only thing was hoping the weather was going to cooperate! Thank goodness it did, and it ended up being a very sunny and beautiful day!

After the planning was all over, it was now time for our session happen! These two have already gotten engaged a few days prior, when Matt proposed to Crystel to marry him this New Year’s eve during their vacation in the Poconos. Now, all we had to do was photograph the two of them to announce their engagement! We met for our session at Princeton University, got to chat a little bit about what exactly they had in mind, and we got started right away.

For our first location, I brought them to the back of Nassau Hall, where there is some gorgeous ivy along the building, but also it was blocking the sun from getting in their faces. One of my favorite things about Princeton is the gorgeous ivy! Princeton is the perfect spot for color, especially in these duller winter months. We did some test shot photos to make sure they are both comfortable with the camera and captured a ton of great shots. Take a look at just a few of the photos we took behind Nassau Hall, these two are seriously adorable.

Next, we decide to go to another spot on campus, which was close to our first spot. We decided to do some standing shots and some sitting photos here, it was a great change of pace from our last spot. 

Now, this next one is one of my favorites! We decided to take photos Outside of Clio Hall. We captured a variety of sitting, standing, and walking shots here. We even photographed some more individual shots of the props they had brought. I am a huge fan of the contrast between the outfits and the building. It makes the photo so much more interesting!

Lastly, we took photos on the side of Clio hall and wrapped up our session there. This spot was going to offer us some more greenery to work with. We also did some sitting, standing, and walking shots here.

I had a great time meeting these two! I am so happy we were able to get a large variety of photos with different postings and different locations in mind. I cannot wait to send this gallery out to the two, and to see all of their favorite shots. Which ones are your favorite photos?