Flower field minis always hold a special spot in my heart! 

I love this location and love every single session I have photographed at this beautiful flower field, and I cannot wait to capture some photos for YOU! This location is ideal for families, children, couples, maternity, and even senior portraits. Explore a few of my favorite shots from each category below.


Last year, these sessions were very high in demand! Because of the high demand, I schedule these sessions back to back with others. Read below for some additional information in what is included with each flower field mini sessionL

  • Up to 20 minutes long. Please make sure to arrive at your session on time. I cannot guarantee I will be able to makeup time for your session if you arrive late. I plan on having back to back sessions for flower field mini sessions, so by showing up on time, you will help me keep everything smooth sailing! If you arrive at the location and see me still in a session with another family, kindly wait in the parking lot until you see the family get in their vehicle :) The session is very fast paced - I will help you and your family with posing throughout the session from a distance. From experience, even though the session is 20 minutes and may not seem like enough time, 20 minutes will be more than enough! Because I work fast paced, I will guarantee that we will get a variety of poses done during our session.
  • Includes 5 digital images of your choice through an online gallery
  • Print release (upon request)
  • For families/children, I provide a wicker basket with fake flowers inside as a cute prop!
  • Please keep in mind that the majority of the session will be in the flower field - so it is suggested to bring bug spray to avoid getting bug bites while in the field. The photographer will have bug spray on hand if needed.


  • Steer clear of wearing floral print: While you might have a gorgeous dress with a floral pattern, the floral dress may clash with the floral background, which will take the attention away from you in your photos. We want YOU to shine through in the photos, and we want to make sure that you and your family are the main subjects, not the flower field!
  • Try to avoid wearing fluorescent colors! These bright colors often leave a color cast on the subjects, whether there’s a tint of color reflecting on their arm, face, neck, etc. It may also be too distracting for the location of the photos!
  • Try to minimize the amount of green clothing you wear. Because the location consists of a lot of greenery, I suggest minimizing the amount of green you wear. Just like I mentioned with floral patterns, if you wear too much green, you might clash with the background and blend in too much!
  • Go for pastel or earthy tones. These types of colors will look GREAT in your photos! By wearing pastels or earthy tones, you will be able to shine through in your photos (and not blend in!).
  • Try to coordinate your outfits, not match! While matching sometimes looks cute for younger children or twins, you want to make sure that everyone's personality shines through their outfits and so you can tell others apart! You don't want a giant blob of white shirts and jeans! Instead, try to coordinate your outfits together with others. By coordinating outfits with others, your photos will have a more modern touch and won't look tacky! To coordinate your outfits, make sure you choose articles of clothing with similar tones/colors.


  • Blanket (for sitting photos, great when you have children in the session who don't want itchy grass)
  • Your own flowers (I provide fake flowers and a wicker basket for families/children as a prop)
  • Letterboard - these are great to write a fun quote or an announcement down (perfect for birthdays, pregnancy announcements, birth announcements)
  • Pets! Believe it or not, many people ask to include their pets in their photos - which is totally ok! I am a dog person and love my dogs so much, so I understand wanting to include your pets in your photos! If you plan on bringing your pets to the session, please make sure your pet is leashed - the location usually has people walking their dogs in the area, and by having your pet/dog leashed, you can be able to have more control of your pet for photos.
  • Food and drinks for the little ones: To get the best photos of little ones, you need to make sure they are well fed and hydrated! If children are hungry or thirsty, you may be able to tell in photos if they look grumpy/miserable! Fed kids = happy and smiling kids! Because it has been a hot summer, I suggest bringing water(s) for yourself or your family to keep you hydrated and cooled down - because we don't want any grumpy sweaty dad photos!


In case of rain we will be in contact to reschedule our session for a date that works best for the both of us. I will be monitoring the forecast as our scheduled session approaches - if it looks like there will be rain during/around our session time, we will postpone. You will find out the night before our session if our session will be postponed or not - this is to make sure we have the most updated forecast to look at.


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