Believe Me, Winter Can be Great For Pictures

Yeah - reading that first sentence, you may think I’m crazy! The holidays are over and you may have already gotten your yearly portraits, so why would I need to book a winter session in the freezing weather?

Trust me, it’s not that bad! Winter is a great time for sessions for many reasons and I’d love to tell you why…

Appreciate the NJ weather and season

Living in NJ, we’re able to soak in all four beautiful seasons. So why not enjoy the winter season? While it may be cold, there are always ways around it to make sure we have the BEST winter session! It’s even a bonus if there’s recent snowfall, which makes as a great prop, but also a beautiful backdrop. 

Get to wear some of your favorite winter pieces

Personally, all of my favorite clothing pieces call for winter weather. Hoodies, sweaters, boots, leggings, you name it. If you’re like me, you might want to schedule a winter session to dress in all of your favorite winter pieces. Show off all of your cute sweaters, coats, boots, scarfs, and more this season. 

Some great photo spots may be less crowded

This one may be an important factor for some people! If you or even your children are a bit camera shy, winter sessions can be great for taking photos with less crowds. This is especially great when working with some more popular photo spots such as Princeton University or Sayen Gardens, and chances of having people in the back of photos is slimmer. Additionally, it may allow us to get the most out of our session since we are able to jump spot to spot for photos without having to worry if someone else may be there at the moment. 

Earlier sunsets

To some, this may sound like a bummer. But in hopes you may want to schedule a winter session, this can be great if you have younger kids who may have an earlier bedtime, or if you want to be able to enjoy the rest of your night after pictures!

More flexibility with scheduling

On my end, I have a bit more flexibility to scheduling winter sessions since this is a family photographer’s dry season. I’m all for having free time to myself, but I do love photographing families all throughout the year and always enjoy a good winter session!

Still not convinced if a winter session is a right fit for you?

What if I told you Winter sessions are 30% off if you book now until Nov. 30th at 11:59 PM as part of my Black Friday deals! Visit the link below for more information.