Timeless Moments at the Jersey Shore

Ahh the Jersey Shore! There’s something undeniably magical about the soothing sound of crashing waves, the warm sun kissing your skin, and the soft sand beneath your feet. 

The beach is a place where cherished memories are made. So why not capture those moments of joy and connection with a beach session? Here’s everything you need to know about a beach session with JENNAKPHOTOS:

Why choose the beach for your photo session?

The beach provides a stunning backdrop for your photos. The combination of the endless horizon, the vast expanse of ocean, and the natural light creates a dreamy and ethereal ambiance that enhances the overall look and feel of your photos. 

Whether you're looking for a personal portrait, precious family moments, celebrating you and your partner’s love, or expecting a baby, the beach offers a versatile and picturesque setting that can accommodate all of these sessions.

Which beach?

I am happy to travel to different beaches to accommodate your preference. However, Asbury Park Beach is always my favorite, when given the choice. Asbury Park has the beautiful beach, an iconic boardwalk and charming surroundings, offering a unique and captivating backdrop for your photos.

Please note that beach sessions require an additional travel fee. After the first 10 miles, round trip, there is a charge of $0.70 per mile. This ensures that we can reach the best beach location to create the perfect backdrop for your session.

When do you offer these?

Obviously, a beach session is most common during the summer. However, late spring and early fall can also make for great beach photos.

All of my beach sessions are scheduled for 5:30 pm or later. This time of day, often referred to as the "golden hour," offers the most flattering and enchanting light that bathes the beach in warm, soft hues, elevating your photos to another level.

Parking Information

If interested in Asbury Park beach for photos, I recommend parking closest to the boardwalk.

Asbury Beach, NJ

My Favorite Shots at the Beach

Take a look at some of my favorite shots at the beach from some of my past sessions! This location has a ton of great spots to consider.



Let's chat! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me via email at jennakardaszphotos@gmail.com.