Allentown Prom Photos 2023



- You have a guaranteed minimum of 30 days to download your images per contract. I STRONGLY recommend making sure they are downloaded and backed up somewhere. 

- Please respect photographers right of image. This includes not altering photos under any circumstances such as using filters, etc. on the images. Credit to photographer is very much appreciated. You may tag via social media to @jennakphotos.

- The photos in your gallery will still have a watermark unless they are downloaded!

- I recommend downloading to your device rather than Google Photos - they typically suppress the quality. 

STEP ONE: Accessing Your Gallery

1. When you receive this email, click on the “view photos” button at the bottom of this email

2. Enter your email address to log in to the gallery. Anyone with this link has access to the gallery, but the email is for spam purposes.

STEP TWO: Downloading Photos

1. Remember the code at the bottom of this email, or copy the code. You will need this code to download your images!

2. Access your gallery and log in to the gallery with an email.

3. When you open up the homepage of your gallery, you will see a few icons in the top right corner which may include a shopping cart, a heart, and a save icon. On some devices, you may see three dots on top of one another (which you click to see the download option).

4. Click the save icon, or the three dots and then click download. 

5. A new window will pop up where you will be asked to enter your email, as well as. the download code (CODE IS BELOW - KEEP READING :) ) - THIS IS NEEDED TO DOWNLOAD. 

6. Select the photos interested in downloading (the folder may be called final images or highlights) or you can individually download photos if you click on the photo in mind. Click the photo folder.

7. Select the download size for images. I most often recommend downloading the highest resolution.

8. Select whether you would like to download to the device you are currently using, Drop Box, or Google Photos. I suggest staying away from Google Photos! While it is convenient, the quality of the images SIGNIFICANTLY decreases through there because the file sizes are too large for Google Photos to support. I recommend downloading straight to your device!

9. IF DOWNLOADING TO DEVICE: You will need to locate where your downloads typically go. For iPhones, they go to the app "files" where you will find your downloads. You will need to UNZIP the file of photos in order to open it - most times, you may unzip the folder simply by clicking on it and it will open a folder with the images. You will click on the images in the folder and can select them, click share and "save to photos"

STEP THREE: Sharing Your Photos

1. This may be the easiest step! To share your gallery, you may choose to copy and paste the link from your gallery, or in the top right corner, you will see a share icon which will allow you to share your photos to your online accounts.

STEP FOUR: Printing Your Photos

All clients have access to the online print shop where photos are printed directly from a professional printing lab. It’s super easy!

1. Click on the images you are interested in purchasing as a print, and you will see a shop icon in the top right corner. Click on the icon to view various products in the print shop.

2. Select as many prints/products as you may be interested in and add to the cart when done.

3. If there is a current print promotion, you will see a heading on the screen with a code. You may enter it at checkout if there is an existing offer.

4. At checkout, you will follow the prompts to complete your order and will be sent with all of the information needed such as tracking info and more directly from the printing company.

If you happen to have any questions, please reach out to me via email at