Updike Farmstead is a Picture-Perfect Location - Princeton, NJ

Location Overview

Located in Princeton, NJ, Updike Farmstead is an enchanting farm location that boasts the perfect blend of rustic charm and natural beauty.

With lush greenery, a sprawling field, and a picturesque barn backdrop, this location provides a versatile canvas to bring your photo dreams to life:

Family Shots

The open field offers plenty of space for little ones to run around and explore, resulting in candid and joyful shots that truly capture the essence of your family bond.

Couples' Retreat

Couples can frolic in the flower fields and capture the magic of your love story. The farm’s dreamy ambiance, especially during sunset, also creates an idyllic setting for capturing the beauty of pregnancy. 

Updike Farmstead offers an array of whimsy and romance that will make your couples or maternity photoshoot truly memorable.


Kids and open spaces are a match made in photography heaven. With the stunning farm backdrop, your children’s natural expressions and laughter will be preserved in timeless photos. If you’re planning a cake smash session, the grassy areas provide an ideal space for a beautiful mess against the backdrop of either lush greenery, the open field or the rustic barn.

Parking & Accessibility

Parking is a breeze at Updike Farmstead, with free parking available on-site. This accessibility ensures that your experience is stress-free and enjoyable from the moment you arrive.

While Updike Farmstead offers unmatched scenic beauty, it's important to note that there are no bathroom facilities on-site. However, rest assured that we have alternative locations lined up to ensure your comfort throughout the session.

354 Quaker Road, Princeton, NJ 08540

Bonus Fact

Did you know that the Updike Farmstead dates back to the 18th century? It stands as a historic testament to the enduring spirit of Princeton's agricultural heritage. As you walk through its enchanting landscape, you're also stepping into a piece of history. (Source: Princeton Historical Society)

Ready to make some memories at Updike Farmstead?

The captivating scenery, versatile backdrops, and historical charm make this location a top choice for creating timeless memories.

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