Let's talk about bribes

As a photographer, I have seen almost every bribe in the book. And growing up getting my photos taken, I was that child who had to have every bribe in the book used on me just so I could smile and not look at my siblings. `Here are just a few bribes that may work to get your child to cooperate and show some smiles during your next session:






Stuffed animals (their favorite!)

Trip to the park after photos

Ice cream

Hangout with their friends/family



In conclusion...

While this was meant to just be a fun blog post to humor you all, I do actually recommend some of these items/things to bribe your child! It is up to you if you want to bribe your child to smile - but I will admit, it usually does the trick and allows me to capture some smiles! What's your favorite bribe, or what's a bribe you have had to use on your child?