During children sessions, I often encounter a child who is outgoing and a parent warns me that they are “crazy” and do not listen. While this may be the case, parents should not be worried and concerned about their child not behaving, but instead, should be preparing their child for their session.


  • When you hire a photographer who specializes in children, you should feel assured they will be willing to run around and capture your children, even if they are outgoing. Your photographer should know the proper settings to capture them running, and standing still. Children can often be unpredictable, but your photographer has seen is all - they are aware some children never stay in one place and know what to expect and how to handle outgoing children.
  • Consider rewarding them for good behavior. Often times, outgoing children need reassurance and they need to be reminded of what is in it for them. At a young age for toddlers, they are understanding the rules of do’s and don’ts. By rewarding them for good behavior or bribing them to be on their best, you will be setting expectations for them to follow.
  • Let your child be themselves - no matter how “crazy” or outgoing you may think your child is. If your child is typically silly or outgoing, let the photos reflect that. You want to be able to look back on your child when they are younger 
  • Give your child a run down of how the session will go - explain to them that it won't be a long session and let them know what will be expected of them, what will happen, and the fun things you can do when you're done with the session.
  • Outgoing children want to have FUN. During our session, I like to try and get a variety of photos and like to make sure your children have fun. Oftentimes, I turn our session into a game - let’s see who can run faster, dad or _____. This really captures some great smiles!