2022 Year In Review

Wow, oh wow! It’s hard to believe 2022 is approaching an end. It feels like I was JUST writing last years year in review blog post, and here I am to write my 2022 year in review. Before I get into the fun part of the year and share all of the exciting numbers, let’s chat a bit about how my year personally went for myself… 

This year I finished my freshman year of college at The College of New Jersey and started my sophomore year, which I am halfway through! I took a few trips to Myrtle Beach, Lake Ontario, New York, and my favorite one of all, Cancun. I also dived deeper into my passion of teaching through my student teaching this year, as I was placed in a second grade classroom at a local school! I even coincidentally photographed a few kiddos from the school which was super exciting! Additionally, I spent my Summer working at a local camp which I have volunteered/worked for through the past 7-8 years, and once again I coincidentally met so many recognizable faces of kiddos who I have photographed! I also spent some time working at a special needs high school which was full of amazing experiences and people, and was honestly one of the biggest highlights of my year. Fast forward, here I am at the end of my busiest season and debriefing the amazing year I had. 

Now - let’s chat about photography. Since I last blogged a year in review in 2021, I have photographed so many new and returning faces. This year was full of great experiences all around in my business and of course, I’m already planning for everything 2023 has in store for my business. 

Alexis and Patrick's engagement session at Sayen Gardens in Hamilton, NJ


341 sessions photographed

Yep - I went in to my booking website and counted every. single. session. I had there from the year, and this year I photographed 341 sessions! That is almost a session a day for a year! This number includes the individual sessions I have photographed (with my packages), as well as mini sessions that I have done throughout the year!

Hinson family session at the John Abbott II House in Hamilton, NJ

3,545.6 miles driven

From every location I have drove to and from, I have gathered a total of 3,545.6 miles in between sessions. The closest location being Rider University, and the farthest location being the University of Delaware, being approx. 83 miles away!

Mangiaracina family at Camp Kimble, Oldmans Creek Preserve in Swedesboro, NJ

158 new clients

Woohoo! You're telling me I met 158 new families this year?!?! It's pretty crazy thinking about how many different families that is. Even crazier, 14 of these new clients came back more than once this year to get even MORE photos! It makes me so happy seeing new faces, but especially happier seeing familiar faces who come back more and more for photos <3 I have had the honor to establish such amazing and close relationships with so many of the families I have been able to capture!

Coats family session at Sayen Gardens in Hamilton, NJ

45 locations visited

This year I went to 45 different locations ranging from family homes to local parks. Some far, and some only a mile away from where I live!

I think I still have to say some of my favorites are definitely Sayen Gardens, Washington Crossing and Princeton University, but I am happy to say that I have found some new gems for the following year I cannot wait to take a look at!

Biswa extended family session at the John Abbott II House in Hamilton, NJ

11 mini sessions

While I photographed many individual sessions, I also photographed plenty of mini sessions this year! This year's mini-sessions included:

  • Headshot mini session
  • Spring mini sessions with set up
  • Cherry blossom mini sessions
  • Strawberry mini sessions
  • Princeton holiday mini sessions
  • Christmas tree set up mini sessions
  • Fall family mini sessions
  • Hanukkah set up mini sessions
  • Fall kids set up mini sessions
  • Flower field mini sessions
  • Beach mini sessions

Which mini session are you most excited to see in the new year? Which mini-session are you hoping makes a comeback? I have so many fun ideas in mind for the next year that I can not wait to share!

Rosie during her strawberry mini session in Hamilton, NJ

13 newborns photographed

While I mainly do family portraits, this was the year I dived more into photographing newborn sessions <3 I have found a new love for newborn sessions and have been able to expand my newborn prop collection this year, and cam only hope to add more for the next year. I cannot wait to meet all the little babes who are already scheduled for 2023!

The Mastrianni family welcoming baby Mark at their home in Hamilton, NJ

13 first birthday sessions photographed

This has become another huge favorite! I love being able to photograph all of these little babes who have been turning one this past year <3 It's so much fun watching them dive into the cake or either COMPLETELY avoid it LOL. I am so happy that I have been able to expand to more props and themes into my first birthday set ups and one of my goals for the next year is to do a TON more!

Michael's 1st birthday cake smash session at Sayen Gardens in Hamilton, NJ

25 headshot sessions photographed

New year means new YOU. While I am here to recap the past year, I am also here to tell you that the start of a new year is the perfect time for headshots :) I have had the honor to photograph so many new and returning faces for some headshots this year, including this team from Safe Place Counseling and Therapy.

Safe Place Counseling and Therapy group headshot session at Princeton University in Princeton, NJ

Bhat family session at Princeton University in Princeton, NJ

To next year...

I am so excited to get started with planning for the new year. I am already having ideas for this years mini sessions for Fall and Christmas LOL. But first, let's take a bit to think about Spring which is coming up haha. I cannot wait for everyone to see what's in store. I hope to meet so many new faces this new year, and to see reunite with some of my returning families as well. This year will be a great one!

Looking to book something in 2023?

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Lee family at family home in Hopewell, NJ