Capturing Timeless Beauty at Princeton University

Princeton University is a photographer’s paradise. With its stunning architecture, lush greenery, vibrant cherry blossoms, and picturesque pathways, it is an iconic and versatile spot year-round. Here are just a few reasons why Princeton University is one of our preferred locations for capturing beautiful moments:

Location Overview

Princeton University makes a great setting for all portrait services, including family sessions, kids' portraits, maternity shoots, couples' sessions, extended family gatherings, senior pictures, graduation photos, and headshots. Whether you're seeking the charm of architectural structures, the elegance of ivy-covered walls, the beauty of seasonal florals, or the grandeur of spacious staircases, Princeton University offers it all.

Parking Information

Convenient parking options are available to ensure a seamless experience. Lot 10, located behind Thomas Sweet, offers free parking for your convenience. You can also find metered street parking along University Place and Nassau Street. Last but not least, multiple paid parking garages are also available in the area.

Princeton University

Fun Fact

Did you know that Princeton University is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the United States? Its rich history and academic significance make it an even more captivating location for capturing special moments.

Let’s explore some of the gorgeous backdrops at Princeton University

Cleo Hall

Cleo Hall is a white building adorned with columns and stairs, making it an excellent spot for headshots and professional portraits. Its simplicity and classic elegance create a timeless backdrop, leaving plenty of room to showcase your unique personality.

Holder Hall

Ideal for a rainy day, Holder Hall provides a covered area for your photo session. Its charming architecture makes it a reliable choice, regardless of the season. Holder Hall is a fan favorite for kids, who typically enjoy playing in arched halls.

Nassau Hall

This iconic building offers a perfect blend of lush greenery and impressive architecture. The beautiful green backdrop remains vibrant year-round and there is a spacious grassy area nearby, allowing ample room for running and playful moments.

Prospect Gardens

Bursting with color and vibrancy, the Princeton Gardens offer picture-perfect benches, inviting pathways, and lush green surroundings, creating an enchanting setting for spring and summer sessions.

Cherry Blossom Area

During the first few weeks of April, the Cherry Blossom Area at Princeton University comes alive with a breathtaking backdrop for family sessions, maternity shoots, and even First Holy Communion portraits.


Princeton University boasts numerous staircases surrounded by lush greenery, making them a personal favorite for capturing stunning shots. The harmonious blend of architecture and natural elements creates a captivating backdrop that adds depth and visual interest to your images.

Amongst Greenery

The university campus is adorned with greenery year-round, and certain areas, like this bench near Cleo Hall, provide an enchanting setting for photos.


Princeton University features various archways that lend an artistic and intriguing touch to your photos. These architectural elements make for captivating backdrops, adding a sense of depth and visual allure to your images.

Maclean House

Small garden area located in the front of University - great spot for a mini session! Includes a small pathway, benches, greenery, ivy, and more. Great to embrace all of the beauty Princeton has in one spot!

Garden Area

This isolated area is a great spot for a few photos. With some greenery, steps, gorgeous architecture, benches and more, it is a beautiful area to consider for your upcoming session!

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