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Headshot sessions are crucial to establishing your personal and professional brand. Whether you're looking for LinkedIn photos, profile pictures for social media, branding materials, or something else, consider booking a headshot session today. When it comes to booking a headshot session, most of my clients consider booking at Princeton University. It's a great spot for a headshot session and allows for multiple backdrops. Take a look at my go to spots below.

Against Cleo Hall

Cleo Hall is a white building adorned with columns and stairs, making it an excellent spot for headshots and professional portraits. Its simplicity and classic elegance create a timeless backdrop, leaving plenty of room to showcase your unique personality.

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Amongst Greenery

The university campus is adorned with greenery year-round, and certain areas, like this bench near Cleo Hall, provide an enchanting setting for photos.

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Holder Hall

Ideal for a rainy day, Holder Hall provides a covered area for your photo session. Its charming architecture makes it a reliable choice, regardless of the season. Holder Hall is a fan favorite!

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Nassau Hall

This iconic building offers a perfect blend of lush greenery and impressive architecture. The beautiful green backdrop remains vibrant year-round.

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Maclean House

Small garden area located in the front of University - great spot for a mini session! Includes a small pathway, benches, greenery, ivy, and more. Great to embrace all of the beauty Princeton has in one spot!

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Princeton University boasts numerous staircases, making them a personal favorite for capturing stunning shots. The harmonious blend of architecture creates a captivating backdrop that adds depth and visual interest to your images.

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Which spot is your favorite?

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