My Favorite Spots For Headshot Sessions

I'm a huge fan of great outdoor spots for headshot sessions, as I think it is so much more aesthetically pleasing than a traditional backdrop for photos! Mercer County has great options for you to consider for your upcoming headshot session. Take a look at some of my favorite locations and what each location has to offer.

Princeton University

I have to say this one is my #1 spot for headshots! I love the look of the architecture and especially during the warmer months, it’s a perfect spot where we can get a mix of both the buildings and the greenery here. I love capturing some more “nature” photos with the bits of greenery, as well as the ivy on the buildings. But I do love taking photos in front of the actual buildings, in arches, staircases, you name it. 

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Sayen Gardens

If you are looking for a spot with greenery and a pop of color, Sayen Gardens might be the best for you. Featuring various photo spots, such as pathways with greenery, the Sayen House, as well as the many benches and beautiful wedding gazebo, there are many great spots there!

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Mercer Meadows

With such a fun spot, I love the areas that mercer meadows have to offer! from different areas such as inside the flower field, to outside the red barn, there are some great options to have your next headshot session here!

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John Abbott II House

Located in Hamilton, NJ, this outdoors spot offers lot of greenery and variety. I like to utilize different parts of the location such as pathways, railings, on the staircases, front of house, and more.

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Which spot is your favorite?

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