A World of Natural Enchantment

Location Overview

If you’re looking for an enchanting location for your next photo session, look no further than Bountiful Gardens in Ewing, NJ. This location boasts a stunning greenhouse that is bursting with vibrant life and elevates your photos to a new level. 

Among lush plants and blooming flowers, there is no need for props or elaborate setups. The beautiful greenergy and colorful florals provide a vibrant backdrop that makes you and your loved ones pop in your photos. 

Please note, this location charges a fee to reserve time and space, ensuring we can explore at will :) An additional $40 will be added to the session cost.

Family Fun, Any Time

Bountiful Gardens greenhouse is perfect for families, couples and maternity sessions. 

Kids can explore and interact with the plant life, creating joyful and candid moments (parents - you’re encouraged to stop and smell the roses, too!). 

Even your headshots can get a fresh twist with this lively backdrop.

Year-Round Beauty

With climate control in place, this greenhouse offers a timeless setting, regardless of the season.

What to Wear

I suggest avoiding the color green at this location because it may compete with the rich green surroundings. Opt for pastels or lighter colors that will stand out beautifully against the background. Additionally, flowy clothing often works well here, enhancing the ethereal atmosphere.

Parking & Accessibility

Parking is available on-site, including wheelchair-accessible parking. However, there are no bathrooms at this facility, so please keep that in mind before our session. 

Bonus Fact

The Ewing location’s greenhouse boasts hundreds of different plants - from tropicals to succulents to pretty much any indoor plant you can think of! (Source: Bountiful Gardens)

Check out some of my favorite pics below from previous greenhouse sessions:

Don't miss the chance to immerse yourself in the natural splendor of this location.

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