First birthday sessions are always so exciting. However, if you are thinking of scheduling a session or if you are looking around for a photographer for this milestone, it can be a bit tricky planning and you may have a few questions in mind. I compiled a list of some frequently asked questions for cake smashes and first birthday sessions down below - check out some great questions I have gotten in the past from clients!


When do you recommend having my baby’s first birthday photo taken?

I personally think it is best to book the session 3-4 weeks BEFORE your baby’s first birthday (at 11 months). This time is ideal if you are looking to have invitations sent out for your child’s birthday party, or if you are looking to print out the photos from your child’s session to display at their birthday party.
Please keep in mind that my turn around time is 10-15 days after the session - however, I typically try to deliver your digital images prior to this turn around. It is important to consider the turn around time if you are scheduling the session a bit closer to your baby’s birth. However, I do offer a 24-hour rush fee if you are interested. If so, please contact me for a price and we can chat about a session!

Where do these sessions take place?

At the moment, I am only comfortable doing sessions outdoors due to COVID-19 and my personal safety. I personally LOVE the look of greens and the outdoor feel, which is another reason why I prefer having these sessions outdoor.
My favorite spots for first birthday sessions (and cake smash) are at outdoor parks such as Sayen Gardens, Rosedale Park, Mercer Boathouse, etc. I personally recommend having these photos taken in parks where there are open grass areas so we can have the area to ourselves.

What time of day should I schedule these sessions for?

I recommend scheduling a birthday session for your baby in the early morning (8-10 am) or late afternoon while the sun is still out a little bit (6-7 pm). It is ideal to avoid the heat and the direct sun, which is why I recommend earlier or later sessions.


What is the difference between a sitter session and a cake smash?

A sitter session is just known as a portrait session - this does not involve a cake smash. The cake smash is, well, the cake smash! During the cake smash, you can choose to do a sitter session prior (before the child gets messy) or you can choose to just capture the cake smash. (see below for the recommended packages).

Do you provide props for first birthday sessions?

For first birthday sessions, I offer a small minimal setup. This setup consists of a white sheet (placed on the grass), a few wooden crates, letters to spell out “one”, the number 1, as well as a cake stand (if you would like to do a cake smash).

Do you provide a cake for a cake smash session?

I do not provide a cake for a cake smash session. If you are looking for cake smash photos, please note that you will need to provide your own cake. I recommend making a cake or buying a premade cake from a grocery store - ex; Wegmans, Stop and Shop, Shoprite, Acme, etc.

What package do you recommend for first birthday sessions?

It depends what exactly you are looking for! However, all three packages I offer are ideal for first birthday sessions, but here is a little break down of my personal recommendation:

PETITE PACKAGE: I recommend the petite package ONLY if you are hoping to capture a few portraits of your baby. With these sessions, you can choose to include the setup which I can provide (info above), or we can make it a normal portrait session to commemorate the new age of your little one. The petite package includes 5 digital images and is approx. 10-15 minutes long, therefore, I recommend this session only if you are looking for a few photos. I do not recommend this package if you would like to do family photos or a cake smash in addition to portraits. 

PREMIUM PACKAGE: The premium package is perfect if you are looking to capture a sitter session AND a cake smash, OR a sitter session AND a family session. The premium package includes 15 digital images and allows for up to 45 minutes of time. This package is the perfect amount of time to capture two of the following: 

1. Sitter session 2. Cake Smash 3. Family session 

However, if you are hoping for all three, please read below for information on the largest package.

PLATINUM PACKAGE: If you are hoping to capture it ALL, the platinum package is for YOU. The typical timeline for these sessions is to start off with family photos with everyone in the family (it’s up to you if you would like to include grandparents or important members in your baby’s life, or just your immediate family). Once we spend some time doing family shots, we would set up for a sitter session - this is where we will capture individual portraits of your baby. We can choose to use the setup which I include (info above) or we can take portraits of your baby w/o the setup. The sitter session part of it doesn’t take too long of the session, but we take these photos prior to the cake smash so we can capture your baby nice and clean. During the sitter session, we can also capture some shots of the cake in front/next to your baby (before they dive in) to show off the yummy cake! Lastly, we finish off with the cake smash, since it is the messiest part of a first birthday session. 


I would love to answer any and all questions you may have. Please reach out to me via email with any questions or concerns or if you would like some additional information or would like to book a session, or through the contact form on my website.