Cake Smash 101

When you think of cake smash, you may think of the traditional shots in a professional studio. That isn’t much of my style, I’m more of a fan of the outdoors and greenery there is! If you’re looking for a lifestyle cake smash session for your little one, read for some more information!

Session Details for Cake Smash:

Pricing: For all of my services, I use a package pricing structure. I offer three packages - the petite, premium and the platinum package which each include a set amount of time and set amount of images included. For cake smash sessions of JUST baby, I recommend the petite or premium package. The petite allows up to 15 minutes so it will allow us to just get photos of only baby with the cake. The premium package, which is 45 minutes, is a great choice if you'd like to do sitter photos of baby (portraits w/o cake), and then photos with baby with cake, and the photos of baby smashing the cake. If you're hoping to strike two birds with one stone, consider booking the platinum package with 90 minutes and 25 digital images included and use 2/3 of the session taking portraits of family, children, etc., and the remainder of time for a cake smash.

Optional Set Up: For cake smash sessions, I provide minimal props to create a set up. If you are interested in using the props as mentioned, please let me know so I know to bring them for our session. I offer a white sheet, wooden crates, cake stand, #1, and letters that spell one.

Scheduling: I recommend scheduling the session 1-2 weeks prior to baby's birthday. If you are planning on using the photos for baby's birthday or their party, I recommend booking a little bit before to ensure you have the photos. You can expect me to send your gallery about 5-7 days after your session with instructions on how to select your favorite images. Once you select your images, I will send an invoice (if selected additional photos) and access to your images.

Things To Bring:

A Cake: For a cake smash, you’ll need a cake! For issues concerning allergies, I do not provide cakes for sessions. This also allows you to use your creative control and find or make a cake that will be perfect for photos. 

Cake Topper: This isn’t too necessary, but adds a cute touch! I have seen some great cake toppers from Etsy which are great quality, and more affordable!


Additional Decor: For cake smash sessions, I provide a simple set up consisting of a white sheet, wooden crates, number one, letters to spell one, and a cake stand. You are definitely allowed to bring additional props such as banners, balloons, stuffed animals, etc.

Baby Wipes: It’s a cake smash, things can get messy! Bringing wipes may almost be the most important thing to bring for your cake smash session in case it does get messy. 

Extra Clothing: Following up on my previous point, if things get messy, another great thing to pack is a change of clothing for baby. It may be hard to know if baby will enjoy the cake smash, but if baby does, you’ll be grateful for the extra clothes on the way home!

Bug Spray: This may be a given, but in the warm sticky weather we have been having, bug spray is your friend! 

What else do you think I should add do the list? I’d love to know your thoughts so future families can come prepared to their session!

What else would you like to know about cake smash sessions?

I'm here to guide you and help you with everything you may need to know. To book a session or for any questions, please email me at