Congrats to you (or a loved one who will be graduating college). With graduation season already here, now until July is the perfect time to get a cap and gown session scheduled. 

Cap and gown sessions are perfect to remember your college year and are a great way to get some updated photos. 

Whether you plan on getting cap and gown photos with friends, family, your s/o, or by yourself, they are always so much fun and you’ll have a ton of photos to remember your college experience. 

Miranda contacted me to capture some photos of her to remember her college experience! During her session, we got SO many shots and photos of her, family, friends, and photos with her s/o.

Here are some of my favorite shots that we can capture during your cap/gown session!

Family Shots

Capture a shot with the people who have been there for you through your college experience and have grown up with you.  

Friend Photos

Friends make things to much better and the world a happier place - remember these times with your friends as new grads!

Confetti Photos

Confetti photos are always so much fun and colorful! If confetti is up your alley, let me know and I can provide the confetti!

Photos with your S/O

During your session, we can get some couples photos of you two!

Champagne Photos

Feel free to bring a bottle of champagne for some fun champagne pops!

Individual Photos

Of course, we’ll need to capture photos of you by yourself! We will get photos of you w/o cap and gown, w/ the cap and gown on and poses that include diploma, tassels, etc.