Your Upcoming Newborn Session: All You May Want To Know


When it comes to newborn sessions, I try to have lots of availability in case baby comes later or earlier than expected. For these reasons, when we schedule a session, I often ask the family the due date and we plan a date within that range and tentatively hold on to it. I advise families to keep me updated in case things change and we will work out a date to get the newborn photos taken! 


During newborn sessions, I provide a few props for the sessions such as light fabrics, floor backdrops, baskets, etc. These props are optional and if you rather provide your own props for the session, you may do so. Prior to your session, I advise you to check out this website where I posted all of the props I have and can provide. I will be bringing all of the fabrics and floor backdrops, but I ask my clients to let me know if they are interested in a basket(s), to let me know which before our session so it is easier to bring to our session. Taking a look at the fabrics I have will be helpful so you are able to see what colors I have and may want to consider your family’s outfits and make sure everyone coordinates! Additionally, if there is a certain color or pattern (floral, stripes, etc) that you are looking for, you may feel free to purchase your own swaddles, headbands, hats, etc for baby or let me know and I will see if I am able to provide a fabric that fits what you had in mind. 

I am still adding more and more to my collection and as things get added, I hope to add more photos for reference on the website. 


I have seen many families incorporate some of the props I have, in addition to some they provide for photos. Some props you may want to consider having/adding for photos:

  • a letterboard. Families like to have the birth informs to on of baby on the board such as their name, date of birth, time, weight, etc. 
  • ultrasound photos. If you kept your ultrasound photos, a fun prop to add is the photos in for your baby’s portraits. This is great to either hold up in the photos, or can be placed next to or near baby for their individual photos. 
  • baby bear/toy. Families love to add gifted items or often time handed down items such as bears or toys to their baby’s portraits. 
  • Matching shirts. This is one of my favorites! I have seen families have matching shirts with baby, and even matching shirts with the pets in their home
  • customized baby blankets. This one is very common! If you have a custom blanket, feel free to include it in the photos. 


  • I try to work fast to make sure we get the most out of our session and I try my hardest to start on time.
  • Once I arrive at your home, we will quickly go over our game plan and make sure we have all of our bases covered on what to expect, what shots we are hoping for, etc. I will ask you what spots in your home you would like to have photos taken at, so please make sure whatever you have in mind is tidy and has a little bit of space :)
  • I will be taking photos with my camera and using an external flash to help light the space. Please be mindful if there is anyone sensitive of flash or any pets in the home who may be.