Let's be honest - finding a gift for someone may often times, be a struggle. For the person who has everything and anything, or even the person who you just never have any idea what to get them, a photo gift may be the perfect idea.

Print shop via online gallery

Many may not know this, but in every single gallery from each session, clients have the option to purchase prints, gifts, canvas prints, cards, and more in the online gallery's print shop. While it is not the only option to purchase prints, it is recommended to purchase through a professional lab, such as the labs associated through the online gallery which will ensure you get the best quality prints. I do not recommend printing at drug stores or companies that may offer a quick 1-hour print, as they are most times not the best quality and in the long run, it may be more worth it purchasing from a professional lab.

To access the print shop, please locate your online gallery (which was sent over via email - you can search "photos are ready", and it should pop up in your inbox if you are unable to locate it). When you open the gallery, there will be 3-4 icons on the right side of your screen such as a little store icon, a heart, a download icon, three dots, etc. (may look different for some devices). You can click the shop icon and will be presented with various products.

Shop a variety of products including:

  • Canvas prints
  • Small prints
  • Photo albums
  • Wall mounts

What kind of photo prints are you planning to purchase for the season?

There's so many great options to shop (and, some of them are for sale on the print shop in your online gallery ;) which is a plus!). Everyone loves a good photo gift <3

Looking to book a session to gift a loved one? Reach out to me below using the contact button or via email to jennakardaszphotos@gmail.com.