I recently photographed these two adorable high school sweethearts, Stevie and Tobias. The two are almost celebrating their one year together, and what better of a way to celebrate than getting some photos done! For this session, Stevie and I chatted and scheduled our session for a few weeks before their anniversary, so they’ll be able to have their photos just in time. We planned our session to be at Princeton University, which is one of my favorites, especially during this dull winter we are having! 

I had a great time getting to know a bit about the two of them and their story with one another. Though in different grades at school, the two of them met through their passion of theatre! Working with the two of them was a breeze - they were so photogenic and it was clear as day that the two of them were so in love with one another. We played around with different poses ranging from fun and silly, to more intimate, to some more casual shots of the two of them. It was important for me to make sure they both were comfortable with the camera, as I know sometimes couples sessions can be awkward especially when you’re younger. I’ve done a few with my boyfriend and I’ll admit, I would always be worried that the photos might look too much like an engagement LOL. Princeton University is a great spot for photos, since there are so many great backdrops all within a close vicinity of one another. This is a good thing because we are able to easily transition from spot to spot when working in shorter time!

Take a look at some shots of this fun and loving couples session of Stevie and Tobias’ one year anniversary shoot!