I am loving these photos from Renee's family session at her home. Renee was hoping to get some family photos done of her entire family well they were all in the area for her son‘s birthday. So what not a better time is to get some portraits taken?

I met Renee and her family at her home for our 11:00 AM session. While the sun was already super bright and shining high above, we were so grateful for some shady areas on her property! While some people are not a fan of outdoor portraits, I personally LOVE the look of nature and greenery in the background of photos! I’m so glad that Renee also had the same idea in mind - she had such gorgeous trees and beautifully shaded areas which were perfect for our session.

With the premium package, we were able to achieve so many shots. We were able to capture Renee and her little family, the birthday boy by himself, grandpa and the grandkids, a group shot of completely everyone, and then Renee’s siblings and their individual families as well. It could not have been a better day for some families portraits, and a fun occasion to remember!