Perks to being a JENNAKPHOTOS client

When you book a session with JENNAKPHOTOS, I strive to try and make your experience a good one for you and your family. I appreciate and value each and every client I have photographed and as part of your experience, there's a few perks that come with it :)

10% off your next session

One of the BIGGEST PERKS to being a repeat client is that you will receive 10% off your next session! All past clients have access to this offer. Typically, you can find a promo code located in the Facebook group (see below) or you may reach out to receive the only coupon code.

Access to "JENNAKPHOTOS - Exclusive Access" FB group

Within the JENNAKPHOTOS Facebook group, you have first access to discounts on sessions, giveaways, and model calls (see below). This Facebook group will be your go to source for information regarding JENNAKPHOTOS and is a great spot for many opportunities.

Model calls - a chance for you to get a free session in return to helping me out with upcoming sessions

Once you're in the JENNAKPHOTOS Facebook group, you may notice I occasionally post for a model call. Model calls are only open to past clients and they are an opportunity to get a free session. I typically specify what exactly I am looking for in regards to a model call such as if I am need of a family, children, couple, etc.

Lastly.. you know what to expect when you book for another session!

With already having gone through the process and booking before, you will know exactly how smooth things go when you book another session with JENNAKPHOTOS. One of the trickiest things when it comes to working with a new photographer is knowing their work flow and how they operate their business. I try and make the entire process seamless for you so it can be enjoyable and not stressful!

Looking to join the JENNAKPHOTOS family?

Send a message to me through the contact button below or send me an email to