Let it snow!

For those who may know me, you might know that I am not a big fan of snow - at all! While snow is very pretty when falling down, it often takes FOREVER to melt, and I'm so eager for Spring to start already!

A while back, Alexis messaged me wanting to book a snow session! At the time, I was under the impression that we might not get much snow this year and that it would be something we would have to look into - well I was certainly wrong there! This season, New Jersey got so much snow, and luckily, we had so many opportunities to schedule Alexis a snow session outdoors!

Check out some of my favorites!

I am absolutely IN LOVE with these photos from Alexis's snow session, and I cannot believe I have not done a full snow session prior to this one! Even though I'm not too fond of snow, I honestly wouldn't be too mad if another snow storm were to come just so I can photograph some families and children out in the snow!

Anyways, take a peek at some of my favorite shots from the session - which ones are your favorite?