New Home Announcement Session

When the time comes to buy your first home, it is always such an exciting moment and a milestone you’ll want to remember. I had the honor to photograph José and Carolina in their new home to celebrate the special occasion. These two seriously are adorable for one another, and I loved being able to photograph their love for one another. What better way to celebrate a new home than to have a photoshoot?

I had a great time getting to know the time of them and chat about their new experience of becoming home owners. These two met in 2016, and married one another in 2018 in Carolina’s home country, Mexico. The two later shared an apartment locally in New Jersey, and after some time, they finally were able to purchase their first home in Hamilton, New Jersey. During their session, I asked them how long they have had their home so far, and they told me they moved in yesterday! I was so shocked at home well the place looked already, and to see some of the progress they have had in moving in already <3

Carolina had reached out to me a few weeks ago about her idea of booking a session at their new home. When we were chatting, she shared some ideas with me for what she was looking for, and let me know that her husband is not too fond of photos (which in all honestly, me too!). Photos can be kind of awkward, but I try to make sure it’s a fun experience for everyone! We got to planning a day, chatted about how much time we may need, etc. and shortly after, we scheduled our session. 

The day of our session, we seriously lucked out with such great weather! Despite the little bit of chilly weather there was, we had some great sun pop in for some photos. Once I met with the two of them, we chatted some more specifics and I let them know what ideas I had and got started with the photos!

We did some photos in the front yard, the inside of the home, and some in the backyard. We focused on some “cheesy” poses, some candid shots and some fun ones too! I am so glad we were able to get a variety of photos captured, and we were able to get all of Carolina’s ideas and many more photographed. 

I cannot wait to send this gallery off and to see this couple’s favorite photos. I wish the two of the best of luck in their new home! 

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