My Favorite Headshot Poses

During my headshots, I strive to create a process in which I help guide you with the most comfortable poses. My goal is to make sure you are comfortable, as it will show in photos. If you are uncomfortable in the photos, definitely makes uncomfortable photos to look at and nobody wants that! Take a look at some of my favorite poses that I have my clients do. 

Crossed Arms

Most times, I guide my client client to do a power pose which consists of crossing their arm across the chest. This is more of a traditional head shot pose, and is definitely a powerful one. 

Hands On Hips

I mostly do this pose with the women, and it is one of the more fun of the poses I capture. This process creates a very personable depiction of yourself, and allows those who are viewing your headshot to see your fun personality. 

Hands In Front

This is another one of the traditional poses you may see, but it’s great if you were hoping to have more of a “professional” look. I especially love doing this for those who are wearing bracelets, rings, or even watches, as it is 

Holding Belt Buckle Loop

I most times do this post with the women, but it’s also great for the men who come dressed for their portrait session in pants that have a belt buckle loop. I guide my clients and tell them to pretend they are pinching their belt buckle loop, and have the opposite hand either on their hip, or holding their opposite leg.

Hands Near Face

This one is also more of a power pose. It shows a bit more personality than the standard hands in front, and is super flattering! I love the idea of having a headshot that is not JUST face - show off more to you. I often guide those with longer hair to pretend they are playing with their hair for a more candid approach.

Body Against A Wall

This is a classic pose to do, and quite an easy one. It comes across as more casual and I sometimes like to spice this pose up by incorporating others into it. Ex; body against walls, but having the hands rested in the front.

Looking Over The Shoulder

Another classic pose, but a great one. I know for me, I tend to think I look most flattering in poses over the shoulder, rather than straight face on. This is a favorite for my clients as well!


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