Capturing the Beauty of Motherhood

Pregnancy is a magical journey filled with anticipation and joy; celebrate this special time with a maternity photo session! At JENNAKPHOTOS, we create stunning images that capture the essence of this incredible chapter in your life. Let's dive into what a maternity photo session with us looks like:


We recommend scheduling your maternity photo session between weeks 28 - 34 of your pregnancy. During this time, your belly has a beautiful round shape, and you'll (hopefully!) still feel comfortable enough to have fun with posing.

What to Wear

From flowing dresses to form-fitting gowns, the key is to wear what makes you feel the most beautiful :) Check out this blog post for more details on maternity session outfits.

Props to Consider

Whether it's a letterboard with a special message, a cozy blanket, baby shoes, or even ultrasound pictures, these props can help tell your unique story. For more inspiration and details on props, check out this blog post on maternity photo props.


We aim to create a diverse collection of images that showcase your radiant beauty, with both candid and posed shots. This approach allows for a variety of angles, crops, and backgrounds.

Who to include

While the focus is on the mama-to-be, we also love to capture the special bond between expectant parents together and any older siblings (whether they are human or furry!).

Celebrate this Magical Time

The overall goal of our maternity sessions is to create a relaxed and enjoyable experience, allowing your natural beauty to shine through. I’ll guide you through various poses, making sure you feel at ease and look stunning in every shot. So if you or someone you know is expecting, consider a maternity session with JENNAKPHOTOS. It's a beautiful way to celebrate this remarkable time in your life and create lasting memories that you and your family will cherish forever. 

Contact me at to schedule your session and let us capture the magic of your pregnancy journey.