JENNAKPHOTOS - Exclusive access. what is it?

As a way to thank past and present clients, I created a Facebook group to offer exclusive access to those I have worked with. What can you expect to see in the group?

  • MODEL CALLS - I often post model calls before I tell the public about my upcoming sessions! Model calls are a way for me to give a client a free session in return for me to use their photos to promote my upcoming ideas. I try to do model calls as often as I can, I usually post one once a season to make sure many people have the chance to win a free session.
  • DISCOUNT ON YOUR NEXT SESSION - Once you book through me, I make sure to let you know that you can get 10% off your next session! Clients can access discount codes to book sessions through the Facebook group.
  • FIRST ACCESS TO SESSION DATES - If you're looking forward to one of my upcoming sessions, joining my Facebook group is a must! I make sure to post signup and booking information in my Facebook group first before I release it to the public and tell others!
  • GIVEAWAYS - Who doesn't love a good giveaway? In the past, I have done a few giveaways and have given away free sessions, highly discounted sessions, free images, free canvases and prints, etc. Who said I couldn't give away more? ;)


Joining the group to find out the scoop is so easy - all you need to do is go to Facebook and type "JENNAKPHOTOS - Exclusive Access" or click on this link:

Upon finding the Facebook group, you'll have to ask to join the group and will be prompted to answer a few questions. Answer those questions, and wait to be accepted!