Calling all business owners - when was the last time YOU had a headshot? Or maybe, when was the last time you had headshots for the team? If you’re knew here you may not know how much I talk about the importance of headshots, but they’re so e important, especially when you have a business. If you have a team of members, consider booking a headshot session to update the team photos for everyone. This is perfect to make sure your photos are all consistent with one another, but also, so you have updated headshots, and a great team shot. What more is there to ask for?

I had photographed the team of Safe Place a few months back in November when I met 12 of their team members. We photographed them individually with a range of poses and two different spots - one along a white, neutral building, and the only shot with some of the gorgeous Princeton ivy. Fast forward to now, the team has expanded! And when the team expands, that means you need to update your website with some more headshots!

Emily, therapist for Safe Place, reached out to me once again to get something scheduled with the new members. We were looking to recreate the same exact shots as we did with the first session, and we did exactly that. 

Take a look at everyone’s personalized headshot - look at how cohesive they look with one another!

Looking to get your team photographed?

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