Unleash the Fun: My Favorite Family Poses

Family photos are more than just snapshots. They are cherished memories frozen in time, filled with love, laughter, and the unique bonds that bring families together. As a family photographer, I strive to capture these special moments by using a variety of poses that reflect your family's dynamic and personalities. Here are some of my go-to poses that are guaranteed to bring out the genuine joy and connection during our sessions:

Standing shots

These classic poses have a casual vibe and allow me to capture both close-ups and wider shots and capture the essence of togetherness.

Sitting Shots

Let's find the perfect spot to relax and have some fun! Whether it's a cozy bench, a grassy area, or a rock, many of the locations I shoot at offer prime real estate to kick your feet up and smile. Sitting poses create a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. If little ones are feeling shy or distracted, sitting on a parent's lap can bring out those natural smiles.

Holding the kiddos

These poses evoke sweet and playful moments, capturing the beautiful connection between family members.

Close ups of the children

Little faces are full of wonder and innocence. I love zooming in and capturing those precious details, from twinkling eyes to adorable expressions. These close-ups serve as timeless reminders of the unique personalities that make each child so special.


Laughter is the secret ingredient that makes every photo come alive. Tickling sessions often result in genuine, infectious smiles and create a lighthearted atmosphere. It's a joyful way to get everyone relaxed and having a blast.


This is always a must for me!. From parents showering their kids with kisses to siblings sharing affectionate pecks, these moments capture the purest form of love and tenderness. Prepare for some heartwarming shots!

Walking shots

Let's take a leisurely stroll together! Walking poses create natural motion, and they often lead to genuine interactions and shared laughter.

Tossing the kiddos

Having a grown up playfully toss their little one in the air breaks the ice very quickly! This pose creates genuine smiles and captures the excitement and trust between parents and their children.

Kiddos on the shoulder

This pose really elevates the playfulness! Kids perched on their parents' shoulders exude joy and it adds an extra element of fun to the photos.

Cheek to cheek

Another must! There's magic in those big smiles pressed together. Cheek-to-cheek poses radiate love and affection, capturing the true spirit of your family.


Let's bring everyone to the same height! Kneeling poses create a sense of equality and help little ones feel at ease during the session.

Kids running around

Embrace the playful chaos! I love capturing your family in their natural element, with kids freely exploring and laughing. These shots are full of energy, showcasing the genuine dynamics and personalities within your family.

These are just some of the favorite poses I love to capture. Your input is always welcome, and I'm more than happy to incorporate any special requests or ideas you have in mind.

Ready to make some beautiful family memories?

Contact me today to schedule your next family session. I look forward to capturing moments of laughter, connection and treasured memories.