Extended Family Session in Princeton, NJ

I had such a great time photographing this family full of FUN! I have previously photographed Lesley and her family a few times before, but this time, we were scheduled for an extended family session with her family! Back in November, I was offering a Black Friday promotion for gift certificates, and Lesley took advantage of the gift certificate for an extended family session for all! Soon, I’ll be photographing them once again with dads side of the family!

This particular session with Lesley, we photographed her family of three (her, dad, and their daughter, Haley). We also photographed Lesley’s mom and dad (grandma and grandpa), as well as Lesley’s sister and her sisters family of three (mom,dad, daughter). We were able to capture so many shots in only forty minutes.!

For sessions with grandparents, I love photographing the grandparents with all of the grandkids, and also try to photograph each grandparent with each grandkid depending on timing.

Take a look at some more of my favorites from this session and all of the photos we were able to capture! Which one is your favorite shot? Personally, I love the shot of grandma with her grandkids in the same outfits! So so cute.

We captured a few group shots to give the family variety - we took the big group shots standing on the stairs, sitting on the stairs, and then standing in the grass with all of the beautiful greenery behind. 

Extended Family Session Info To Know

Extended family sessions are always a blast. They capture the true bond among everyone and allow you to get the most out of your session. By the end of your session, you’ll be leaving satisfied with how many photos we were able to capture!

During extended family sessions, I try to capture a huge group shot of EVERYONE. Then, I break the shot apart and do photos of each individual family, a shot of all the children in the entire family together, individual photos of the child(s), as well as all the couples/parents their own shot. Those are my main objective shots but often times, I structure our session so we have enough time to grab some extra shots as well! 

For extended family sessions, I recommend booking the premium or platinum package. Ideally, I recommend ten or less people for the premium session, and any more than that, I recommend the platinum session. With a longer session, it is more ideal for more people and we get even more photos for all. 

Looking to book your extended family session?

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