let's get your questions out of the way...

Before your session, you want to make sure you address any questions so you can get the answers you are looking for. Here are a few questions I suggest asking before your session with answers. Of course, each photographer's response differs!

"where will we meet?"

Depending on your session and the location we agreed on, the meeting spot differs for every location! Please make sure to check your email the DAY BEFORE YOUR SESSION - I send out reminder emails and go over where we will be meeting for our session!

"can i include my pet?"

Of course! I love when people include their pets in their photos :)

For more tips on including pets in your portraits, check out this blog post:



"what can i do to prepare my child for photos?"

Preparing your children (especially shy or younger children) is almost crucial. This question is so often overlooked and is truly a big one!

"are there any props i should bring?

Totally up to you, and may differ depending on what type of session you're having photographed! I created another blog post for you to check out with prop suggestions for any session you may be having - family, grad, maternity, etc.! Check it out here: www.jennakphotos.com/blog/props-to-incorporate-into-your-upcoming-sessions-jennakphotos

"what happens if rain is on the radar?"

I send reminder emails out the day before our session to make sure I have an accurate forecast to look like. If it looks like rain is on the radar for our session, I will be sending an email the day before our session with information to reschedule your session. If you do not want to reschedule and wouldn't mind having a rainy day session, please touch base with me.

"what is the turnaround time for photos?"

My usual turn around time for photos is pretty fast - I try to send them within 2-5 days after the scheduled session, but the latest it will take to receive your photos will be 10 days (mentioned in contract).

Please note: If I am really busy/backed up, you will be notified if the turnaround time is taking longer/closer to 10 days.

"what's the best way to make sure my kids smile?"

Bribes are truly your BEST FRIEND. Many kids do not like photos because sometime, sessions may take too long or children are not comfortable in front of the camera.

"how can i pay the remaining balance for our session?"

The remaining balance for your session can be paid in cash, check, or I can send over an invoice using Stripe (goes straight to your email account)!

"what covid-19 precautions are being taken?"

While it may seem like the current pandemic is coming to an end, I still want to make sure all of my clients feel safe. During all of my sessions, I wear a mask and encourage my clients to if they feel safe doing so. We may be walking around a little bit from location to location, so wearing a mask may be ideal when passing other people in the area. It is totally up to you, the client, whether or not you feel comfortable wearing a mask.

"are there certain clothing pieces you don't recommend?"

Yes!! I created an article with my best style tips on "what not to wear" for your upcoming session with Tiffany from 94.5 PST Radio! Check out the article here:


"can we make sure to capture a shot of..."

This is a really important question! If there is a photo you have in mind that you REALLY want to achieve, please make sure to let me know prior to the session so I can prep for the photo or make sure to include it in our session!